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Our Membership

We are a community of Roman Catholic Religious Women who trace our origins to Angela Merici, a Renaissance woman of the 16th century. In her concern for the social problems of her era, she founded an order of religious women to re-establish Christian values in the home. In the spirit inherited from Angela, the Ursulines of Brown County, through a deep communal life and shared sense of mission, continue in a variety of apostolates, to serve the social needs of our time.

our SIsters:
Homan Patsy4.JPG

Congregational Minister

Sister Pat Brockman2.JPG
Sister Lucia Castellini.JPG
Sister Ellen Doyle.JPG
Sister Frances Hogan.JPG
Sister Mary Ann Jansen.JPG
Sister Jeanette Johnson2.JPG
Sister Phyllis Kemper.JPG
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Sister Mary Macke.JPG
Sister Ruth Podesta.JPG
Sister Christine Pratt.jpeg
Sister Lucy Schmid.JPG
Sister Lawrence Sickman.JPG
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Sister Roseanne White.JPG
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