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Sr. Jeanette Johnson

Sr. Jeanette Johnson gradually retired from  teaching which she loved. She went from full time classroom teaching, to subbing, to private tutoring. She now spends valuable time ministering in various ways to our Brown County Ursulines who are living at Notre Dame Health Center in Cincinnati. She visits with them, purchase needed items for them, takes them to doctor appointments, and sometimes helps plan celebrations.


Living at a slower pace Sr. Jeanette now has more time for prayer. She attends daily Mass with some of the St. Angela Merici parishioners at the St. Patrick Chapel in Fayetteville and at our Sacred Heart Chapel in St. Martin. She is the last Brown County Ursuline living in Brown County since the Ursulines arrived in 1845. Sr. Jeanette lives in her family’s home in Fayetteville where she was born.   She has recently begun contemplating  the need to give up living on her family’s beloved 1.45 acres and move to something smaller in the city where she will be closer to her fellow Ursulines.


Henry Schultz, or “Grandpa” as we called him, lived in St. Vivian parish where Sr. Jeanette did most of her teaching. He used to say that every year after a person turns eighty is like adding ten more. She doesn't think it’s that bad, but time does seem to speed up the aging process.

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