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Sr. Lawrence Sickman

Sr. Lawrence’s days continue to be lived by the motto and promise of Chardin: “Life is a mystery to be lived and not a problem to be solved.” Since retiring from being a principal, her focus has been working three days a week at Our Lady of the Holy Spirit Center (the former seminary in Norwood). It is now a retreat/conference center. This has provided challenges and a variety of experiences including (but not limited to) answering the phone, making beds and preparing rooms for retreatants. Since the  Center has 24/7 perpetual adoration, there is often the opportunity for extra prayer time, subbing for adorers who can’t make their scheduled prayer time.


Time with family is always a treat and a blessing. The energy and zest for life in the younger generation is a reminder of aging! However, it is also an inspiration and reminder to appreciate and enjoy each day and each hour of that day.


Entertaining and gardening have been a major part of the last twenty-five plus years. It is still something she treasures and enjoys. St. Angela’s call to hospitality continues to be an inspiration for her.


She is hopeful that travel is still on the horizons!

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