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Ursulines of Brown County Jubilees

Two Sisters celebrated their Jubilees on Friday, July 21st at Mount Notre Dame Health Care Center. 178 years ago on July 21, Julia Chatfield and her 10 companions arrived on the property in Brown County, Ohio and began the story of the Brown County Ursulines. The Mass was celebrated by Father Jeff Kemper honoring not only the 178th arrival of the Ursulines in Ohio but the Jubilees of two additional members.

Sister Mary Macke’s 60 years were spent welcoming the “little ones” that Jesus asks us to embrace. Her 20 years of teaching and administration in the elementary schools of Ohio and Georgia welcomed little children in Jesus’ name. Following a brief time at the School of the Brown County Ursulines, her focus moved to serving the underserved with the Miami Valley Catholic Social Services. She eventually made her way to Mother of Christ Church in Cincinnati where she served as pastoral associate and welcomed all. In her retirement she spends her days volunteering for St. Vincent de Paul respecting those in need, caring for each person and family.

Sister Ruth Podesta celebrated her 70th year of profession. Sister Ruth’s 70 years of service took her from Ursuline Academy to Chatfield College, while working on the constitutions during her free time. Following a Sabbatical in Italy she was recruited to work with the secretariat for the USIG (Union International of Superiors General) in Rome. Always mindful of the needs of others she served at the Haitian Centers in Miami, Florida and in Trenton, New Jersey. Back to Cincinnati, where she worked as administrative assistant in the Chancellor’s office. Her retirement was productively spent as a volunteer at Hope Emergency Program in the Brown County area.

The recognition and celebration of the service of our Sisters is a joy to all of us.

Upcoming Jubilee: 50 years Sister Ellen Doyle, celebration to be held September 2 at St. Columban’s Parish in Loveland, Ohio.

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