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Sr. Ellen Doyle, OSU Celebrates 50th Anniversary of Final Vows

Many friends, family, community and colleagues joined together on September 2nd, 2023 to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Sr. Ellen Doyle's final vows. This special celebration was hosted at her parish of 25 years, St. Columban in Loveland, Ohio. In attendance were 110 fellow Sisters from four different orders, family from six states, Catholic Leadership Institute colleagues from 2 states and Canada, and St. Columban parish members. The Jubilee was commemorated by a mass, vow renewal, final blessing and a joyful reception.

"To celebrate one's Jubilee in the midst of family, community, colleagues in ministry and friends was truly a joy! And to have members of my parish faith community present as well was an additional reminder of God's faithful and abundant love!" —Sr. Ellen Doyle

It is a blessing to celebrate our Ursuline Sister who has dedicated her life to our mission of demonstrating Christ-centered responsiveness by presence in daily ministry. Our Congregational Minister Sr. Patricia Homan said, "Sr. Ellen’s Jubilee was a wonderful celebration of her 50 years of service to the Church and world, with representatives from various Ursuline Communities, Church organizations, educational institutions and her family and friends. It was a celebration of service to many ministries with a variety of colleagues and collaborators."

Enjoy these photo highlights from the event.

Congratulations, Sr. Ellen!

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