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Feast of St. Angela - January 27, 2021

My spirit takes delight in the presence of our God; My Heart is filled with laughter and my words fall short of the truth I long to express.

“Let your first refuge always be at the feet of Jesus.”

For the one whom I love is faithful: Our ancestors have known compassion throughout the ages, and this day mercy is given us.

“You will do more good by gentleness and kindness.”

Holy is the love and sacred is the place where we meet. We are in awe of the gift that is ours.

“Cling together with the bonds of love, esteeming, helping, and supporting one another in Christ Jesus.”

The powerful have stumbled and the rich are burdened and fall. The proud are alone in their confusion while before our eyes, the weak are upheld in kindness. The poor are called by name; the hungry are nourished with bread that never grows old.

“Never cease to nurture the growth of those entrusted to you.”

The promise endures. The One whom we love is faithful and life gives birth to beauty and truth.

Our spirits take delight in the wondrous presence of our God. Holy is this love. We are in awe of the gift that is ours.

“Have hope and firm faith that God will help you in all things.”

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