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Ursuline Convocation 2022 Registration

Are you ready to be a Pilgrim? We're ready for your registration!

Thank you so much for those who responded to our first Pilgrimage Introduction Letter by via the preregistration survey. We, your pilgrimage team, greatly appreciate your encouraging interest and enthusiasm for this new form of convocation.

If you have not received the Pilgrimage Introduction Letter, or want to refresh your memory, that letter is reprinted below.

Please note! Even if you preregistered in response to the earlier letter, you must officially register for a ticket in order to receive participation bulletins going forward. During the virtual pilgrimage, you will receive access codes and participation information for each station as it opens on consecutive Fridays (see the calendar block). Even if you are participating in a large group setting (for example, at a motherhouse or a school, you'll want to receive the bulletins for inspirational content throughout the pilgrimage experience. (Your local organizers may be providing hard copies.)

Important! Even if your ticket is paid by your congregation, please take a few minutes to register so that you will receive your ticket, and all the Pilgrimage Bulletins going forward, including the event access links.

Just click to register for your ticket on our Eventbrite page. If you're new to Eventbrite, we have a handy video tutorial for you.

You'll be able to choose one of two registration levels:

  • Registration with Payment

  • Registration without Payment, for those who are part of a group making a group payment.

If you DID NOT preregister, no problem! You can sign up without that first step. We would, however, appreciate it if you could complete the preregistration survey.

The data collected is very helpful to our planning process.

Stay in touch for a convocation like none other… and remember:

Angela loves a pilgrimage!

Your Convo 2022 Team

PS: Please SHARE this bulletin with all your contacts in the Ursuline Family -- and beyond! All are welcome!

Download a printable poster of the PILGRIMAGE CALENDAR and ITINERARY!

Convo 2022 Poster Itinerary
Download PDF • 1.12MB

Be sure to mark your calendars for these Friday evenings:

  • September 16, 23, 30

  • October 7,14, 21

If you can't make every date, you can still enjoy a great convocation experience, and content will be recorded for later access!


Excerpted from the original Pilgrimage Introduction Letter

Dear Ursuline Family,

Out of the challenges of the pandemic, the 2022 planning team has emerged with a new concept that opens up a wide horizon of possibilities for this and future convocations, starting with greater inclusion for more participants.

Our convocation experience up to this point has been rich and fruitful… but always limited to a small percentage of the Ursuline family. We all understand that the challenges of travel, time, and commitments have conspired to keep our past attendance numbers fairly low.

When we began meeting as a team in 2020, the pandemic was newly upon us, calling everything into question. We had no idea when or even if it would be possible to hold an in-person gathering by 2022. As we began to explore ideas for a virtual gathering, it soon became evident that the challenges hold a silver lining: the possibility of a much more inclusive convocation which would be more accessible for more of our Ursuline family – and be more earth-friendly too.

We all know how Angela loves a pilgrimage.

She’s inspired us to create a Virtual Pilgrimage through the present realities of our Ursuline experience: online live content on 6 consecutive Friday afternoons/evenings, (90 minutes, live sessions 6:30 pm ET) beginning September 16, and concluding with the feast of Saint Ursula, October 21.

  • A flexible schedule of offerings that allows you, the virtual pilgrim, to journey at your own pace if that suits you… and not necessarily on Fridays!

  • Each week, a new virtual piazza to explore on a website – chat rooms, exhibits, shopping, tours and more….at your own pace and on your schedule.

  • Dynamic, 90 minute live sessions in our new Virtual Oratory, with rich content and small group sharing.

  • Shared contemplative prayer on Friday evenings after the live sessions, also in the Oratory

  • And connecting it all… the opportunity to walk, talk and pray with Angela between the sessions: an Angela Retreat at your own pace.

We’re excited about these benefits:

  • Low cost per pilgrim: $100 This will be the cheapest pilgrimage, convocation or conference you’ll ever attend! No hotels, travel expenses, eating out… just a reasonable contribution towards a rich, well developed experience that will benefit the entire Ursuline family.

  • Inclusive of everyone: we’re so looking forward to welcoming those for whom distance and time will now be a past issue.

  • Low environmental impact: we’re all increasingly aware of the damage caused by modern modes of travel. Ursuline Convocation 2022 will be a much, much greener convocation with a much, much smaller carbon footprint!

  • For now and for the future: A website full of great materials for our students and new friends, as well as our own inspiration. The Ursuline Education Network has stepped up as sponsors!

A Pilgrimage Like None Other

Your Convo2022 planning team has been working for nearly 2 years to develop this unique experience. We can’t wait to welcome you to the first pilgrimage station, featuring Angela's Italy. From there, we'll virtually travel across the pond to Brescia College in Ontario, Canada, then head south through Youngstown, Ohio; Louisville, Kentucky; the Navajo Nation; and somewhere in Mexico for our final celebration!

Stay in touch for a convocation like none other… and remember:

Angela loves a pilgrimage!

With joyful anticipation…

Your Convo 2022 Team

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