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Sr. Roseanne White

Roseanne (formerly Sr. Andrew) has been a member of the Ursulines of Brown County for over 63 years. Beginning with teaching at The School of the Brown County Ursulines, serving as principal of St. Vivian elementary school in Cincinnati and then in administration at Chatfield College she was being “formed” and challenged for wherever her journey would take her.


Her position of Treasurer for the community was probably one of her most challenging times. During that time, the high school was closed, decisions were made regarding the buildings and Brescia, the new residence for the sisters, was built on the campus.


Working with the Comboni Missionaries in Cincinnati was a very enriching experience. She broadened her view outside of Cincinnati meeting missionaries from all over the world. Following “retirement” from there she spent time in ministry at IPM (Inter Parish Ministry in Newtown, OH).


She is "retired" again and has found her niche in the ministries of Availability and Presence with the sisters, friends, former co-workers. She maintains her collections of miniature lighthouses, pelicans, ceramic pots, and pen and pencil drawings – all from places where she has visited.

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