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Ursulines of Brown County Awarded Ohio Historical Marker

In 1845 Julia Chatfield and her 10 companions immigrated from France. Through the invitation of Bishop John Baptist Purcell, they established their school in rural Brown County, Ohio. That same year the boarding school, The St. Ursula Literary Institute, later known as The School of the Brown County Ursulines, began classes. It was the beginning of the Legacy of the Ursulines of Brown County which currently includes a day school in Cincinnati known as Ursuline Academy, Chatfield College, an Associate of Arts degree institution with two campuses in St. Martin and Cincinnati and the Hope Emergency Program, a food and clothing resource center for the underserved rural population. One hundred and seventy-five years later we celebrate this incredible history.

In commemoration of the Brown County Ursulines’ 175th anniversary and their pioneering spirit, sacrifice and service the BCU Alumni Association wanted to honor them and their legacy. During our 2020 BCU alumni reunion the present day Ursulines were gifted with pens made from the trees which previously lined the BCU St. Martin campus. Additionally, we wanted to establish a permanent recognition whereby future generations could share the Ursuline history and legacy.

Through the combined efforts of the Ursulines, Chatfield College and the BCU Alumni Association we submitted an application for an Ohio Historical Marker. Recently, we received notification that our application was approved and we were awarded the marker which will be placed at the entrance to the Ursuline St. Martin campus. Hopefully this marker will be dedicated during our 2021 alumni reunion as we continue to celebrate the Ursulines 175th anniversary, the 175th anniversary of our dear BCU’s first graduating class and Chatfield College’s 50th anniversary. BCU Alumni Association

We want to thank and congratulate Deb Barber and her team of researchers and writers who put this extensive application together. We look forward to dedicating the marker in 2021.

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