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Managing Physical Distancing to Flatten the Coronavirus Curve in Ohio

How do the Ursulines of Brown County manage the physical distancing initiated to flatten the Coronavirus curve in Ohio?

On March 17th the invitation was sent to the Community inviting the members to stay connected electronically and share what is happening in our enclosed worlds…

The following are bits and pieces of some of the early responses shared:

  • Reading Maya Angelou’s book “Mom &Me & Mom” and John Grisham’s “The Reckoning”

  • Breathing…Pausing…Praying…Reading…Knitting…Breathing

  • Making soup and other goodies

  • Sitting two at a table, appropriately spread in the large dining room, at the place that is open on our arrival. Kind of like Russian roulette.

  • I did buy cat food. I think I was the only one in PetSmart.

  • We are still doing St. Vincent DePaul visits by phone.

  • We have a new normal at Hope. The staff with volunteer help, created the drive-thru food distribution process.

  • The saddest thing for me and many during these days is the loss of our Holy Week and Easter gatherings.

  • There are drawers to clean out, books to read and people to connect with who are home bound and vulnerable.

  • There are so many twists and turns connected with this situation. We’ll never catch up with them all!

  • As of today, I will only do appointments via the phone.

  • Let’s pray as a Community for healing in our world.

  • Check out these Virtual Museum tours:

  • And of course, browsing the new Ursulines of Brown County website!

We are staying healthy and praying for each other and you! Blessings!

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