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The Journey Continues: Adventures Along the Way

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

The remaining six Baulieu Missionaries have adventures on their way to Paris. “An Old Account of New Beginnings” relays the story.

“At Beaulieu, trunks were ready and had been secretly packed and removed. The Sisters leaving were very touched by everyone who had gathered to say farewell at four o’clock in the morning. It took courage for them to be there. The Sisters had to be sure it was still dark when they left to meet their driver and find the vehicle for their transportation. They were to meet Sisters Stanislaus and Bernard in Paris.”

“Their first stop was to give the horses a rest, and let the driver make some repairs on the carriage. They were fortunate to be able to find an early morning Mass at a nearby Hospital. They chatted a few minutes with the Sisters of Mercy who invited them for a hearty breakfast, which they enjoyed. At eight o’clock they were on their way.”

“The carriage was not spacious for six passengers and driver, but they did their best to enjoy the ride. At two in the afternoon they stopped in the town of Brive and found their way to the Ursuline Convent. The Superior greeted them and made sure they had a good lunch, which they ate in the parlor.

“Msgr. Macheboeuf joined the Sisters and when he saw their transportation offered to take them to Paris in his stagecoach, a vehicle which the Sisters admired for a long time. The carriage ride everyone agreed was a “happy trip” came to an end when they reached Paris, at nine o’clock the next evening. Sr. Stanislaus and Sr. Bernard greeted them at the Hotel for Missionaries that Msgr. Macheboeuf had arranged. The Paris Ursulines welcomed them, and they were most grateful for the 18 days they stayed with them. When the time came for them to leave for Le Harve, they were all thrilled, frightened, and excited, for soon they would set sail for faraway America.

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